Monday, July 18, 2011

Circuit City College Station

Here is an extra to my last post from the Post Oak Mall. This Circuit City is the modified plug version used in the mid 1990's. This store appears to be in the 15,000 to 20,000 square feet range a little smaller than most stores in larger markets. With the exception of some cover up paint not much has been done to this site since Circuit City closed. I have a couple more Circuit City stores coming up on my blog in the near future. Most of the Circuit City stores have been already been converted to other uses in the Houston area eliminating the legacy of the company piece by piece. The parent company of the Circuit City name opened up a CompUSA store in Houston last year, so maybe a brick and mortar Circuit City comeback store is possible.

As an extra bonus; the Toy's R Us across the street with Geoffrey still up. It looks like the front of the store is getting a paint job so the sign may go soon.

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  1. Actually, this location was abandoned before the mass closures, because in 2007 or so, it moved out to Gateway Center (The Home Depot) one exit up. Obviously, this didn't last long, and became a Half Price Books later. There's also a dead Linens N Things in the center.