Sunday, August 14, 2011

Prien Lake Mall Lake Charles Louisiana

The mall has been filling up the empty spaces and doing well. Most of these images were taken after the mall had closed.
The Dillard's entrance.
The Sears entrance.
The court between Sears and Dillard's.
From Dillard's to the food court.
JCPenney, Picadilly Cafeteria, and the corridor.

Cinemark theaters.
Kohl's and Kirklands occupy most of this former Macy's/ Foley's/ Montgomery Ward anchor. You can see a faint Foley's labelscar over the entrance.

The Kohl's wing has changed drastically since my last visit. Sam Goody and some other stores have been replaced by the Shoe Dept.

The food court sign has a huge pot of crawfish and crabs, but the selection in the food court consists of the same restaurants in most American food courts.

Old style Footlocker and Footaction.

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  1. An update:

    Dick's Sporting Goods is building as a new anchor connected to the food court. Expected to be finished this fall. This is a thriving mall based on lack of vacancy and traffic on a Wednesday afternoon.