Friday, September 16, 2011

Dead K Mart in San Antonio Texas

Attention K Mart shoppers there is a blue light special, but not at this location. This was a Super K Mart that probably closed nearly 10 years ago when K Mart pulled out of San Antonio and Houston. This location is eerily similar to the Super K Mart that sat abandoned in Humble Texas that was redeveloped after sitting for 9 years in nearly the same condition as this location.

One hour photo will be delayed for a very long time.
The garden center grows once again; weeds.
The former Little Caesars on the left side of the building.


  1. Nice photos of an abandoned Super Kmart.

  2. i used hate walmart but be honest they dont bascailly every store they got i mean common

  3. i dont like what the ceo of kmart is doing

    1. The ceo of Kmart/ Sears made some bad choices early on that are coming back to harm the company. Not updating the stores is the major problem that is hurting the company now.