Sunday, October 16, 2011

Mall St. Vincent Shreveport Louisiana

The old mall logo is intact at this entrance, or a replica of the 60's style logo.
The footprint of the mall is very small; unfortunately the only way this mall can expand would be to add a second story.

This three level Sears has a very unusual footprint. The third floor is angled towards the mall and the first floor appears to be an extension of the store even though it is connected at the middle of the store and behind the hill. Look at the third photo for a better view of the whole store.

The Dillard's was added to the mall in the 1990's.

The Dillard's wing of the mall and entrance.

The center of the mall has a small fountain and a high ceiling.
The mall slopes down or up in two spots depending on the direction you are going in.
The entrance here screams 1980's!
The ceilings are very nice in this mall, and you cannot tell from the inside that this mall is older.
The mall entrance next to Sears.


  1. I don't understand why Port City had multiple small malls and none of them are terribly successful. St. Vincent is probably the best performing of the remaining two and there's the boardwalk... For such a large city the retail climate stinks.

    1. Southpark was a really awesome mall. It had such a cool 70's look. I do agree with you...over here in Monroe...we actually have a larger mall. Although...our larger mall put our other 2 malls out of business. (Twin City Mall and Glenwood/McMillan Mall)

      You guys still have that neat little Pierremont Mall...although I heard they recently remodeled it and probably ruined it's charm.

    2. I did not even know that mall existed, thanks for the heads up I will have to visit there. I planned on going back to Southpark in the near future so I will have to check this one out too. Looking at the property listing, most of the improvements from the remodel sound like they were exterior jobs but I may be wrong. It is very surprising that such a small mall is still functional, and they have an interesting variety of stores. Hopefully it will continue to be taken care of and Stein Mart continues to be a part of this mall.

  2. So I understand that they are now going to ruin the exterior of the mall by "updating" it and removing the last part that had an original look to it. This Sears store looks really cool on the outside and they are about to destroy it all so it can look like every other generic bastardized mostmodern building around.

    1. That sucks, I really enjoy the classic look that the mall has except for the Dillard's. Hopefully they at least keep the old school Picadilly intact if it is still open. The Sears has a very interesting setup because of the land that the mall was built on. I like the fact that you can go into Sears on the lower level and go straight to the tools and electronics without having to go through the rest of the store. It seems like mall remodels are picking up after years of no activity at nearly every Texas and Louisiana mall on my blog.