Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pierre Bossier Mall Bossier City Louisiana

Pierre Bossier Mall is located just off of I-20 and Airline Drive in Bossier City Louisiana. We start this tour of Pierre Bossier Mall at this lonely entrance that looks trapped in the 1980's. Pierre Bossier Mall is the largest enclosed mall in operation in the Shreveport area. This mall has faced nearby competition from the Louisiana Boardwalk near downtown Shreveport, but it is holding on. The mall has been recently updated and looks new on the inside, but the outside is dated and probably looks the same as it did when the mall opened in 1982. The interior of the mall has a 2000's look, the sign off of the freeway a 1990's look, and the mall entrances have a 1980's look. This mall also finishes the Shreveport metropolitan area indoor mall segment of the blog. We are going back to Texas for the next several posts, so stay tuned.

Service Merchandise is the only dead anchor at this mall and still has a sticker for Service Merchandise .com on the door. Once again the reflection kept me from getting any interior photos.

The interior of the mall has been modernized and looks very clean.

Stage entrance
Sears entrance
Dillard's entrance

It is good to see an FYE store still open; all FYE and Suncoast stores have pulled out of Houston.
The food court entrance. The food court has a Raising Cane's Chicken Finger restaurant good stuff!

Two mirrored glass entrances to JCPenney is very cool and retro 1980's.


  1. I used to go here all the time as a small child in the late 80s and early 90s when my parents were stationed at Barksdale. My sister and I used to go to the AMC Theater there at least once every other month. If I remember right, it was where the food court is now. I remember when I was little there being a Corn Dog 7 there

  2. This mall has changed alot since you have been, its been remodeled on the inside and a college now occupies the vacant ancore store that was there when you were, I think you should re-check out this mall!

  3. I visited here a few months ago and it looked to me like a dead mall. Some storefronts were completely empty and others had simply been replaced by other, more obscure stores. The storefront for what was clearly once a Hollister is now Lunar Golf. The Aeropostale is also gone and like Hollister, it was replaced by another store that did not bother to remodel the storefront. The Sears was completely empty. When I entered, there were no staff or other customers in sight. The food court was very quiet as well and one of the restaurants was no longer open. The only store that was remotely busy was Charlotte Russe and even that only had an average amount of traffic.

    1. It is a shame that the mall is struggling. The Boardwalk and big box centers North of the mall must be really impacting traffic to the mall. I am not a fan of outdoor malls, but they are the big draw these days.