Wednesday, October 5, 2011

South Park Mall Shreveport Louisiana (Summer Grove Baptist Church)

I had the unique experience of visiting this former mall one afternoon recently. This mall is located at 8924 Jewella close to LA 3132 in South Shreveport Louisiana. If you are into deadmalls this is a great former mall to check out that is open to the public. The mall was nearly empty of people with the exception of a custodian cleaning the floor in the center court. I visited the mall around an hour before nightfall which gave the mall an even creepier feel. The former stores of the mall are used as school class rooms, church craft shops, church offices, and there is a cafe. As an added bonus the former Montgomery Ward was open with a thrift sale filling the entire first floor of the store which was also open to the public. As you can see from the below photos and labelscar article the mall has not been changed much with the exception of the JCPenney church. The reuse of this building shows what can be done to save a failing retail property without demolition and do something good for the community.

Burlington does not appear on the directory.
Burlington is the last true retail holdover from the former mall.
JCPenney is now a church.

You can see the labelscar from this side of the former JCPenney.
Dillard's still has labelscars over each of the three entrances.

This is the entrance next to the former Dillard's that was open to the mall.
The former Stage store also has a labelscar.
This looks to be where the Picadilly Cafeteria was.

Montgomery Wards appeared to be as tall as a three story anchor but was two stories.

The paint is peeling away from the columns of the former Montgomery Ward.

This is the first mall that I have visited where you can play basketball directly in front of an anchor store.

You can see the former Spencer store on the right of this photo.
This is nearly the same spot that this flicker photo was taken from (click words for link).

The Dillard's entrance.
Basketball or Burlington?
No more gag gifts to be found here.
Bath and Body Works is long gone along with every other store. The green reflection near the center court is from the cafe in front of the entrance to the church.
This place must be hopping on a Sunday, but not on this weekday afternoon.

The cinema has not been modified from the past and even had some of the lights on.

This is the former Montgomery Wards corridor.
Surprisingly some of the lights over these skylights were on, but after nearly ten years only a few are working.
The mall entrance to the Montgomery Wards has seen better days; the roof and wall is damaged.
The former Montgomery Ward store was open to the public for a Goodwill style resale shop. Enjoy this look into the store over ten years after the store closed.

There were a few signs still intact from the store; I wondered if the elevator still worked but I was not crazy enough to try.

A peek into the second floor; the tarp did not help to get a good photo of the upstairs. The upper floor was probably where the Electric Avenue was as the first floor appeared to have been mostly clothing departments.


  1. How do you get permission to enter closed stores and malls. I want to take pictures of some closed stores in my area.

  2. This mall is open to the public, but it is only alive on the days that services are held in the church. Many of my photos were taken by putting my camera phone lense in spots where it looks like I am in the stores but I am on the outside. You can usually find good spots to get photos if you take a walk around some of these properties even without going inside.

  3. Even though I'm glad to see that they saved this mall, I cringe at that thought of a steeple being put on the Wards at Regency Mall like they did here. I think I'd rather see it knocked down then turned into another megachurch quite honestly.

  4. lol my mom used to work at this mall, we went there the other day and she could go down the hallway knowing what each store was, and the one she worked in. She as there the day that shooting took place inside. Horrible experience she says

  5. Wow...time has really come and gone sinse I've watched this mall open and close like it has. This mall didn't have to close due to violence if rules and policy was inforced with proper security measures. Instead, the city placed a band-aid on a gunshot wound and blamed the band-aid for not doing its job...