Monday, March 19, 2012

Lakeside Shopping Center Mall 2012 Metairie LA

Lakeside Mall opened in the early 1960's in the New Orleans suburb of Metairie LA. This mall has been covered in greater detail in several articles from Labelscar and The Mall Hall of Fame. Lakeside is the busiest mall in New Orleans and features upscale, chain stores, and a few local stores. The mall site also has several big box retailers including Dick's sporting goods. The mall is located at the busiest intersection in the New Orleans area at the corner of Veterans and Causeway Blvd. The reason the mall has not grown larger is because of the lack of available land around the mall. Parking can be a hassle, but there are several parking garages that have helped to increase the parking capacity. Lakeside is well positioned to thrive for many more years to come.

These reflective mall directories are very difficult to get a good photo of. To get a better idea of the mall setup check out the mall website.

This parking garage makes it difficult to get a good photo of this portion of the mall. The former entrance to K and B was to the right of the food court sign.
JCPenney's was once in a much smaller location within the original mall. This store has two shopping levels and a third level for storage and offices.
Dillard's has been upgraded and does not look anything like the DH Holmes that was here for many years before Dillard's took over.
Macy's is a newcomer to the mall opening in 2008.
A view of the main mall concourse with the huge skylight.
This is the "PF Changs" wing facing towards Macy's. The stairs go to the small second level of the mall.
The second floor of the mall is very small and leads to the mall offices, and a few small businesses mostly offices.
An example of one of the small fountains that are located in several parts of the mall.
Macy's was a great addition to the mall. If Nordstrom were to build a store in the New Orleans area this would be the mall they would locate to.
The main mall concourse facing the Food Court and the mall. To the left is where the mall entrance to the K and B was located.
Cafe Du Monde to the left with an example of the mirrored ceilings found throughout the mall.
Dillard's was originally a DH Holmes store.

The center court skylight.
The food court has several restaurants and a Radio Shack.

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  1. I use to work at this mall in the early 80's at the SS Kresge Co. This was a wonderful and busy store. This store was the early Kmarts. The mall was always very busy and had a great tenant mix. Visited Lakeside in June 2012 and found the mall still very vibrant. Still some of the same decor as 30 years ago but I thought the mall looked great.