Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Kmart New Iberia LA

This is the only Kmart in the Lafayette/ New Iberia metro area. This store is located at 900 East Admiral Doyle Drive in New Iberia LA. A Super Kmart near the Mall of Acadiana on Ambassador Caffery Pkwy. closed in the early 2000's in Lafayette. The Super Kmart location was preceded by a smaller Kmart down Ambassador Caffery Pkwy. The entrance to this store is a typical 1970's Kmart entrance with the 1990's Big Kmart logo.

Here is the New Iberia Louisiana Kmart for your viewing pleasure. 
Newer Craftsman signs have also been placed next to the 1990's Big Kmart signage.
At the back corner of the store looking towards the electronics department.
One of the clothing departments.
The hardware area has some of the newer red Kmart section markers. 
A month ago this LSU gear would have been full price; after the crushing LSU championship game loss the gear sells for half price.
The checkout lanes.
The clothing department is larger here than in Lake Charles.
This appears to be a labelscar from the cafe that was once here in this space. Some Kmart stores have closed off the former cafe areas or opened the area up for more sales space.
To the far right you see an Olan Mills portrait studio which appears to still be operational.
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  1. Nice post!I like the visible Kmart Cafe label-scar. The Big Kmart signage sure is aging, but I would say this 1970s store seems to be in better condition than others. I would like to point out that the signs hanging from the ceiling are not 90s style, but are instead the style used right after the Kmart and Sears merger.

    1. Obviously, it is time to Kmart to die...

    2. Slowly Kmart is shrinking, around 5-10 stores a month are being closed. Some Kmarts are better than others, but I would like to see the chain survive.