Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Poll Results: A future direction for the blog

Thank you to my readers for taking the time to vote on this poll to help with the future direction of this blog.
In 2013 I plan on slowing down the pace of this blog with only one or two posts per month instead of the nearly weekly current pace on the blog. I will expand my offerings in the site in the future to include cities and malls that have not been featured yet. In addition to the results of this poll, please comment with any suggestions of any specific retail site you would like to see featured here. The name of my blog has been changed to Louisiana and Texas Southern Malls, Retail, and Buildings. I will also add building posts of skyscrapers, and other interesting buildings to expand my blog.  

Now onto the poll results.

New Malls 16%- Not much interest in this category. Malls such as Katy Mills, and Lakeside fall under this category. I consider new malls to be top-tier and  recently remodeled or expanded malls regardless of age.
Older Malls 48%- An overwhelming majority of you would like to see more older malls featured here. Malls such as Northgate and Northwest fall under this category. Older malls retain their charm from the past with a more limited store selection.  
Malls That are Gone 54%- Another overwhelming majority and the top choice of this poll. Malls such as Belle Promenade and Northline fall under this category.
Shopping Centers 14% I do not have much interest in shopping centers, but I will feature unique shopping centers or several centers in the same town as a post on the blog.
Outlet Malls 2%- Wow only one vote, I plan on covering a few enclosed outlet malls in the future, but I can see the lack of interest in this category as well.
Department Stores 22%- The biggest stores that bring people to malls or downtown. Department stores are usually included with mall posts unless they are standalone such as the Sears and Macy's in Houston.
Big Box Stores 16%- I usually feature Big Box stores that have closed or stores that are interesting to me such as Kmart, Comp USA, or others.

I opened up a new poll to find out if there is any interest from my fantastic blog readers in the new buildings category.


  1. Hi! I really like your site and I'm sad that the posting is going to wind down :( But may I make a suggestion? The bright yellow/purple combo is really, REALLY hard on the eyes. I often copy/paste your text into notepad and then read it beceause it just hurts my eyes too much...and nope i am not 90 years old!

  2. Alexandria mall
    Pierre bossier

    A giant mall, a mod-tier mall, a dying mall, and a mall that doesn't know what it wants to be lol


      Follow the above link to see Pierre Bossier Mall. I plan on visiting North andCentral Louisiana soon so stay tuned for those updates.