Thursday, June 7, 2012

Southpark Mall Shreveport LA Dec 2011

                                          Welcome back to the Southpark Mall Shreveport LA.
A mall so cool I had to make a second trip when I had the opportunity.
Unfortunately the "Churchmall" was closed for the Holiday Season, so I was unable to go inside. There was no shortage of photo opportunities from the outside looking in of the mall, and I was able to get some views that I may have overlooked if the building was open. Burlington was open and very busy on this visit just a week before Christmas. 
The detail of the skylight in the middle of the above mall overhang.
This section of the mall looks like any other mall during the holiday season, except for the fact that the mall is closed. 
Stage with Dillard's towards the back. 
A look into the mall entrance facing the former entrance to JCPenney.
A look into the mall entrance number 1; Dillard's was to the left and Burlington to the right.
A look into the mall through the glass of the Burlington store. The store did not bother to cover up the windows of the former mall entrance.
The Montgomery Ward was closed again and the thrift sale (from my last post) was all gone. 
There is no more merchandise to pick up!
The Dillard's had an interesting detail that would not be found in today's stores. 
The former JCPenney.
The former Montgomery Ward.
As a bonus; just south of the mall is this obvious former Toy's R Us store. 
The entrance sign to the Church/Mall


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  3. I'm from Monroe and this is an awesome place. I only got to peek inside later on when the church was moving in and most of the stores were gone. I think the store that I believe was Selber's was similar to our old Selber's location at Twin City Mall in Monroe. (Selber's moved to a new location at Pecanland in 1985 and then went out of business a year or two later.)

    I would love it if you could put up a floorplan of the mall like Mall Hall of Fame Blogspot does.

    1. Thanks for commenting;

      I have considered putting together mall floor plans, but I am not the best at using programs to draw out floor plans. I will be doing updates on all old posts starting in 2014. On my first Southpark post I have a photo of the directory but it shows the property as it is now.