Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Post #200 Sunrise Mall Corpus Christi TX

Sunrise Mall in Corpus Christi has several online articles from a few years ago. Here is my version that will update the mall as of June 2012. Sunrise Mall is anchored by Sears, Burlington, Wilcox Furniture, Planet Fitness, and a Dollar Cinema. The mall featured anchors such as Frost Brothers, HEB, Joske's, Stein Mart, Mervyn's, and Montgomery Ward. Sears is the only anchor that has remained the same since the mall opened and was actually there before the mall opened. For more information see the Deadmalls and Labelscar entries on the Sunrise Mall because they have much more information than I could possibly find about this mall. Also the Corpus Christi Caller-Times has a bunch of news articles about the mall.

Here are several views of the mall signs and entrances.

Here is the mall directory with many stores that no longer are in business. Many newer businesses are not listed either. Click here for the archived web page for the mall.

This is the mall entrance next to Burlington Coat Factory.

According to this blog this was once a mini entertainment center with games.

This is the second entrance to the Workforce Solutions office.

I am not sure what this store was but it takes up a substantial amount of space in the Burlington corridor.

The first floor in the Burlington corridor.

As you can see from this view of the Burlington corridor; the mall is very clean and well maintained.

A look down the second floor corridor near Burlington.

The Burlington mall entrance looks very fancy and may have not been changed from the Frost Brothers days.

Here is a look at some of the vacant storefronts in the Burlington corridor second floor.

The infamous Train collection.

The old Foot Locker.

Retro 1980's Foot Locker design. This is the 3rd old style Foot Locker that I have found and each one is missing the hoop that was in the middle of the scoreboard.

This may have been a former restaurant.

This store has a labelscar with the word toys. Was it a Kay Bee or Circus World?

A closer look at the labelscar.

The hall near the food court facing center court.

One of the three food court entrances. The open sign to the right is the Galaxy Golf course.

A former Corn Dog 7 with a labelscar.

A closer look at the labelscar.

GNC ain't dere no more.

Check out the old school font on this store sign.

Another store near the center court.

The directional signs are more current than the mall maps.

Wilcox Furniture was once a Montgomery Ward and before that a Joske's.

The second floor view of the Wilcox Furniture anchor.

 There is a photo in this link that shows this part of the mall under construction. 

The center court looks great despite several vacant storefronts.

This escalator was featured in this video clip from the movie the legend of Billy Jean.

The cookie store is gone.

Here are some of the stores that are open in between Sears and the center court.

The corridor that goes to the former Stein Mart. The mural is well designed.

A wood paneled former store entrance near Sears.

Sears is close to the food court and former Mervyn's.

A look at a few of the second floor businesses near Sears.

Two shots of the former Mervyn's corridor that was a later addition to the mall.

Mervyn's up close and a view of the still closed second floor. Planet Fitness occupies the first floor.

The labelscar for Mervyn's is faintly seen in this photo.

A pile of trash is all that remains in the former Mervyn's second level.

The arcade is in the middle of this photo with the entrance to Mervyn's to the far left.

The Port is the food court; currently only the Dollar Cinema, Arcade, and Orange Creations are the only businesses open in this part of the mall. There is still a bunch of neon especially on the front of the dollar cinema.

The food court is large but only one food outlet remains.

Burlington was originally a Frost Brothers.

Sears has been here since the beginning.

This was an HEB, then Stein Mart, and soon to be a church. This anchor was not originally attached to the mall.

Mervyn's, now Planet Fitness was built as an addition to the mall.

Views of the former Joske's/ Montgomery Ward anchor, now Wilcox Furniture.

Here are a couple of shots at the competition which is only two blocks away. La Palmera Mall has been recently updated and expanded to house more retailers with a second floor and an outdoor lifestyle center portion. La Palmera is nearly full and was packed with customers.

Looking at the La Palmera JCPenney is the only proof that this mall is the oldest in town, once named Padre Staples Mall.


  1. Sunrise Mall is "hanging in there", which is a good thing. The only thing it has going for it is that it is centrally located along two very busy thoroughfares. I'm guessing that the owners are waiting for the real estate market to improve along with the eventual demise of Sears. Once that happens, Sunrise Mall I'm sure will have a date with the wreckers ball.

  2. Yeah I agree with Rob. Soon as the leases for the two major anchors expire, this mall is coming down.

  3. I've never been to this mall, it looks like it thrived back in it's day. It's said that Texas keeps building these suburban shopping centers while neglect the original malls which have something that newer centers just lack. I like an old fashioned mall from time to time.

  4. In 2007, one of the new stores was "Caught You Bluffing" poker supply. I wonder if it's still there. I did take a bunch of pictures here, and only some of them were added to Labelscar.
    I also heard (or read somewhere) that Workforce was originally a Chelsea Street Bar & Grill, but I dunno.

    1. Lol caught you bluffing is a funny name, but that store is gone. I have just about every open business in my photos but I may have missed some.

  5. Shopping has been a favorite hobby for all since ancient times.
    Earlier people use to shop n the streets along with their near and dear one. Increased modernization and technology brought about the concepts of malls.


  6. that arcade used to be an aladdin's castle, up until around 2005

  7. The large store on the lover level, by Burlington Coat Factory was originally an Oshman's sporting goods store.

  8. Amazing! I will find out if the bank wants to save the mall (get more tenants) or planning to tear it down to build something else (my guess apartments = more $$$ per sq ft building up)

    1. Great, thanks for looking into that. I have not seen any new info online about this mall. My guess is that not much has changed since my visit a few years ago.

  9. Chelsea Street Pub was on the other side entrance between what is now Wilcox and the Halloween Spirit Store.

    1. Yup. And its re opened again.

    2. Check this Sunrise Mall video out from Dan Bell, he makes really good mall videos.