Saturday, August 4, 2012

K & B Lafayette Ambassador Caffery (Now Rite Aid)

Here is an example of a Rite Aid that still has many K and B fixtures in place. This is part one of a two part series of Lafayette K and B stores that have not been fully renovated to the Rite Aid store design.
This is the updated pharmacy look from the 1990's K and B style.

Take a closer look at the purple under the pharmacy checkout counter.
The lining above the shelves is still K and B purple.
This is an original K and B book and magazine rack!

You can see some of the slats still being used that rank the best seller books. I am not sure if these were the actual best seller books at the time this photo was taken though.


  1. I miss K&B, thanks for the great pictures.

  2. This is the Rite Aid at Ambassador Caffery and Dulles Drive. There was another that was reversed, that was also paired Winn Dixie, at Ambassador and Kaliste Saloom. That store closed within the last year, and will open soon as Dollar Tree.

    1. I did see that store one time passing by but did not think to stop. I could have seen another vintage K&B store. Who knows what will happen if Walgreens buys Rite Aid. Most of these older stores will probably close and the remaining ones will be remodeled or replaced with a new building.

      I am glad Rite Aid did not invest in these stores and kept them looking like they did as a K&B.