Saturday, October 20, 2012

Ridgmar Mall Fort Worth Texas

Welcome to the first Louisiana and Texas Southern Malls Fort Worth Texas Post. Ridgmar Mall is the first of several new DFW mall posts coming soon.

Also take the time out to comment on this any any other article. I have been overwhelmed with spam comments lately that do not bring any added information to the blog. Stories of past mall experiences or corrections of any information is always appreciated. 

Ridgmar Mall is a decent shopping mall located west of downtown Fort Worth on I-30 and Green Oaks Road. This 1976 mall is anchored by Macy's, Dillard's, Sears, JCPenney, Neiman Marcus, and Rave Motion Pictures Cinema. The mall looks to have been recently updated and the mall has many of the popular stores that are in most good malls.
Neiman Marcus seems out of place in this mall. This section of the mall looks to be newer than the rest of the mall, and has a few vacant spaces.
Each area of the mall has a name such as this one "Fashion Avenue".
The mall corridors have column designs shown here throughout the mall.

Neon is still part of the design here in the mall. With the exception of restaurants and casinos, it seems like neon lighting is disappearing from retail malls and stores.
The airplane is a cool feature in the mall.

Don't get spit on by the turtle. There is a fountain below this spitting turtle in front of JCPenney.
Next up more malls in the DFW area.


  1. Nice covering of this mall. Always looking forward to the next posting!

  2. Does anyone have a photo of Ridgmar when it opened in 1976? It use to have a spiral walkway between first and second story.