Sunday, September 2, 2012

Northway Retail Center Orange TX

Northway Retail Center is located in Orange TX which is located around two miles from the Texas border with Louisiana. Northway is located at the corner of 16th Street and the north corner of I-10. This shopping center is anchored by Palais Royal and a Market Basket Grocery store.
A three story clock tower is the centerpiece of this shopping center and can be seen from the Interstate. Not many shopping centers are made these days with this kind of detail.
As you can see the clock tower is much higher than the shopping center. This is the north side of the center.
The south side of the center with Market Basket located to the right of the tall sign.
Inside view of the old Subway location; the new one is across the street. I have not seen a Subway interior like this for years.

One of the many unique features of the center is an office park.
A look down the halls through the entrance doors of the office park.
One of the corridors of the shopping center from looking North.
The storefronts of this shopping center have many different styles which appear to be from the 1980's when the center was built.
I am not sure what this space was but it may have been a department store at one time. There are a few store spaces hidden behind the clock tower.

The inside of the possible former anchor behind the clock tower.
Wood panel storefront; I am not sure what this was either.
The corner was more than likely an Eckerd Drug store.
The inside of the possible former Eckerd.
This security camera label and some blue stickers on the door are my only clues to the former life of this end cap. 

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  1. I took a picture going past here in November 2006.

    Unfortunately, it was only a passing shot, and it wasn't a great camera (cheap film camera). I could send it to you if you want, but I doubt they'll be anything interesting.

    P.S.: Thanks again for the College Station shots. I didn't know that the Exxon at Culpepper used to be a Shell.