Saturday, October 6, 2012

PlazAmericas 2012

PlazAmericas 2012,

It has been over a year since my last update to the PlazAmericas Mall. Here is an update with the changes to the mall since my last post. Photos taken at two different visits in 2012.

The food court has gained some new tenants and looks much nicer. Most of these photos were taken around closing time at the mall so the mall is much livelier during business hours.
The Mercado inside of the mall has gained several new stores over the past year since the opening.
An example of one of the new directional signs inside of the mall.
Both floors of the mercado are doing well with the first floor nearly full. 
Old school neon
The center court of the mall. 
This part of the former Fingers store is being renovated into a party area for kids.
A look inside of the former Fingers store with the mirrored glass. This store also had a bunch of neon lights in this area that appear to have been removed.
The Clarewood Mercado has a new sign; this mercado is almost completely full and has a weekend nightclub inside.
The former Macy's/Foley's; this is the second floor. Renovations appear to be taking place for the next development.
And now the first floor of the former Macy's/ Foley's.
Part of the former cinema has been redeveloped as a party area for kids and the other side as an indoor mini soccer field.

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