Thursday, December 20, 2012

Six Flags Mall Arlington Texas

Here is the Six Flags Mall in Arlington Texas which closed sometime earlier this year (possibly June), before I had a chance to visit this mall. Opened in 1970, Six Flags Mall was t-shaped mall with Dillard's (closed 2002, reopened in 2005 currently open as a clearance center), Sanger-Harris (Foley's closed 2005), JCPenney (closed 1997), and Sears (closed 2002) as anchors. For a good history of the mall click here for an article on the mall around the time the mall closed. 
A large portion of the mall has been purchased and the mall may reopen in a few months (click here for the story. It looks like the mall will be redeveloped similarly to the La Gran Plaza Mall and the property will be donated to charity after the mall is profitable again.
The former Sears anchor and mall entrance from the Dillard's parking lot. 
The former Sanger-Harris which was later re-branded as a Foley's. Photos from the Labelscar article show the Foley's logo was still in place after the store closed.
The Tinseltown Cinema is still open. 
The former JCPenney anchor which as later a college. The food court entrance is to the right of the closed anchor. 
The former JCPenney up close. 
The Dillard's clearance store is still open, and you can see the mall through the windows of the closed off mall entrance. The Dillard's wing of the mall was added later as shown in this photolink.
Here are some views of the closed mall from the windows of the Dillard's old mall entrance. I was surprised to see that the entrance to the mall had not been covered up and you can see right into the closed mall from Dillard's. In the future this mall may be alive again if the redevelopment goes as planned. 

This is the view going towards the former Sanger-Harris/ Foley's.

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  1. I went to Six Flags Mall a few years ago. There was a Dillard's, the movie theater and maybe something else but the mall interior was pretty much totally empty and as hot as Hades since there was no air conditioning (and this was in a February). You're not missing much.