Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wonderland of the Americas Mall San Antonio Texas

Photos from October 2012
Here is a quick update to a previously featured mall. Wonderland of the Americas Mall has changed over the past three years and has gained several new offices on the first floor since my last visit nearly a year ago. The first floor is being redeveloped as offices and has the food court. The second floor is where the mall is focusing on the retail businesses and most of the stores from the first floor relocated upstairs. 
The new Ross 
All of the anchors have mall entrances on the second floor only. The Super Target does not have a mall entrance. 
The fountain in the middle of the food court. 
The first floor is becoming filled with doctor and dentist offices mostly near the Burlington side of the mall. 
GNC and Radio Shack (not pictured) have remained on the first floor while the rest of the stores have moved upstairs. 
The Ross has an entrance inside of the mall. 
Here is an electric vehicle charging station; these are starting to pop up around Texas. 

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