Monday, April 8, 2013

Conroe Outlets Conroe Texas

Here are the Outlets at Conroe located in Conroe Texas just north of the Woodlands at I-45 and League Line Road. The Outlets have been here for many years, but I don't have the opening date. There are many good stores here like Nike and Tommy Hilfiger, but the center has many vacancies. This outlet mall is similar to the outlets near Gonzales Louisiana off of I-10. With outlet shopping gaining in popularity and the growth of the Woodlands and Conroe area this center should eventually fill up again. The road construction on I-45 has made getting to this center difficult, but the construction should be finished soon.  

The directory.
The former Kay Bee Toy Express this store closed when the chain liquidated a few years ago.
You can see a little of the labelscar from the Kay Bee Toy Express.
I believe Nike was originally in this space and moved a building over a few years ago. 


  1. Ah, yes, the Conroe outlets. I have not been there in ages. It looks like the outlet has lost many stores from the last time I was there (in the late 1990s probably), but they do still have some big names.

    IIRC, the Conroe outlet was the only outlet mall in the Houston area for a while (not counting smaller stuff like the VF outlet in Hempstead). Those were probably the glory days for this mall. Now there are the outlets in Texas City, Cypress, and Katy Mills. I wonder how the construction of the Grand Parkway/SH99 will impact the outlet mall landscape in North and West Houston. It would seem to me that maybe it will help drive Spring and The Woodlands bargain hunters to Cypress and Katy instead of Conroe, but perhaps outlet shoppers aren't the kind to pay for tollroad fare. I suppose the Grand Parkway would make it easier for those not living near I-45 to get to Conroe as well, but I'm not so sure why someone would want to go to the Conroe outlets over the other newer and more stocked outlet malls unless they live on the NE side of town or something.

    1. I think that they should move the stores closest to I-45 (West side) that block the view of the center to the East side of the center. This would open up the view into the center from I-45 and the outlets would be more visible. Then they can get a few restaurants to set up in the parking lot to bring more traffic into the outlets. They should also upgrade the look of the center and bring in more brands as part of a grand reopening of the Conroe Outlets. I think the Northeast part of town will be next to get an outlet mall in a few years, so now would be the time to upgrade the Conroe Outlets.

  2. Here are a couple of older photos from the outlet mall.