Sunday, October 13, 2013

Deauville Fashion Mall Stafford TX

Here is the final installment of the Deauville Mall series from the Houston metro area. This former mall is located in Stafford TX and opened in 1984. In July of 1986 the property was foreclosed on. This was possibly the most successful of the 4 malls though as indicated in the articles I found about these malls. The property was partially converted into a Garden Ridge pottery store and Sams Club that both closed in 2000-2001. The closed Garden Ridge site was slated for a conversion into an electronics plant for a company called K-Tec Electronics. Star Wholesale also was going to set up in the former Sams Club portion. Currently half of the property is fenced off by Texas Direct Auto as a storage area for cars. The other half of the mall has a Chandelier and Furniture store and two empty spots.   

Designer Depot
Garden Ridge (In the late 1980's)
Lowe's Southwest Cinema 
Nursala's Name Brand Shoes
Pappasito's (Outlot)
P.S. Designer Jewelers
Sams Club (Later possibly in the early 1990's).

This is what you will see off of 59 of the mall. 
Down the road is where the former Federated anchor was located, you can see the outline of the mall better on Google Maps.


  1. Thanks for doing the series about these little known Houston Deauville Fashion Malls. This one certainly had an interesting afterlife just like the other Deauville malls even if there isn't much interesting stuff going on at this location now. This location may have looked more like a mall, at least from the western side of the property, than some of the other Deauville malls. At least that is my feeling based on the current aerial image of the place.

    It looks like there are plans to remodel the freeway side of the property according to this property brochure that has a possible rendering of the remodel. I reckon that the property would need solid enough tenants to justify the remodeling expense though.

    1. The brochure is a great find, I am glad that I was able to get photos before they modify the building again. It is amazing how many transitions this property has had, and it is not over yet either. I would like to tour some of these properties but I don't think the Realtor would waste their time showing off the property to a blogger. I am sure there are some hidden gems in this mall and the Spring Mall for sure but they are behind closed doors.