Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Marshall Mall Revisited 2013

Here is a revisit to the Marshall Mall and more photos. Not much changed from the first visit to this mall, but there was a mini market event in the center of the mall which made it hard to get pictures of the middle of the mall.

Looking from the mall entrance of JCPenney into the mall.
The mall entrance to JCPenney, the Musicland store in the Skateland movie is the store to the left of the JCPenney entrance. 
The former Kmart wing is mostly empty.
The entrance to the former Kmart.
This appears to have been a former bar/ restaurant.
Looking down the entrance corridor to the entrance to the former Kmart.
Looking from the front of the former Kmart into the mall.
A blurry photo of the center entrance to the mall which goes to Bealls. 
An interesting sports store at the middle mall entrance.
The entrance to the mall and former Kmart. 
The former Kmart store.
A wide view of the mall from near the former Kmart entrance to JCPenney.
The mall road sign off of US 59.


  1. This is a tremendously retro looking mall, thanks for the photos and the update. The retroness and smallness of the mall reminds me of some other small East Texas malls that you've photographed. I'm glad to see that a number of stores still have wood paneling on their storefronts. The vintage Bealls sign and the Kmart facade (even if the store is closed) add to the retro feel. The JCPenney seems to have a pretty basic look inside and it's probably a smaller store. I'm not familiar with the Skateland movie, but it's interesting to know of another movie connection related to a mall in this region.

    I'll post replies to your other recent replies in the other posts in the next day or two.

    1. This is a cool mall indeed, I hope that I can get a chance to stop by again in the near future.
      I am working on some new articles including the Macy's at Sage, Pasadena Montgomery Ward, and the never built malls of Houston 1980's to 1990's articles. I have my research completed and photos uploaded so it is a matter of time before I post them.

  2. I stopped by this mall the other day and saw most of the wings have been boarded off inside. It looked like the Boot Barn will move beside the former Kmart and Hobby Lobby will replace the former JcPenney.

    1. That is not a good sign for the interior of the mall. It sounds like they are planning on getting rid of the interior of the mall. If you are able to, can you send me some photos to share with the bloggers at southernmalls@gmail.com ?