Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Drug Emporium Waco Tx

Here is another Drug Emporium store in Waco Texas. This store is set up differently that the other Drug Emporium stores I have visited. The Vitamins Plus is on one side, the general merchandise in the middle and the jewelry/cosmetics/pharmacy on the other side. The middle aisles are lined up from the front of the store to the back of the store. The side aisles are lined up going from the sides of the store as to separate those parts of the store. 
A few photos of the front of the store in the Vitamins Plus department.

Drug Emporium has a large selection of products that would make the chain drugstores jealous. 
The back corner of the Vitamins Plus department.
Looking from the back of the store to the front.
Retro sign at the jewelry counter.
Front checkouts with the old school thank you sign.
A wide view of the store and road sign.


  1. Thanks for the photos of this Drug Emporium. It’s always interesting to see this chain since most Houstonians have probably long forgotten about them. This Drug Emporium seems a little more modern inside and out than the other Drug Emporium stores you have documented recently, but it still has plenty of retro features as well. I notice that this Drug Emporium is in the same shopping center as a 99 Cents Only. I wonder if the 99 Cents Only store takes away from a lot of the “convenience store” purchases that people may have brought from the Drug Emporium otherwise. Oh well, perhaps the Drug Emporium is doing fine.

    1. The store was fairly busy on my visit especially the Vitamins Plus section. The pharmacy also had several people waiting inside so it seems they are doing well.