Saturday, June 27, 2015

Alexandria Mall Alexandria La

Now for a new Louisiana mall entry. The Alexandria Mall opened in 1973 and was expanded in 1986. We will start with the outside of the mall.
Dillard's, which opened in the 1986 expansion.
Burlington, ULTA, and the food court entrance, all are also part of the 1986 expansion.
Bed Bath and Beyond formerly Weiss and Goldring.
Slinkee's which was Wellan's and later Stein Mart.
The ULTA and food court entrance.
Burlington/ Mervyn's.
Burlington with Mervyn's labelscar. For some reason only the mall entrance and one outside entrance were reopened by Burlington. 
The Alexandria Mall is fairly large mall at almost 900,000 square feet on one floor. I am going to break this one down into 4 sections. Many of the photos were taken at the end of the business day so there were not many people in the mall.
Section one the Dillard's and Burlington section of the mall. Here is the view of the mall when you enter through Burlington.
The Burlington is a former Mervyn's that was barely changed when Burlington took over the space. 
Here is the Dillard's entrance and the nearby stores. 
Looking from the food court exit to the Dillard's/ Burlington wing.
A closer view of the Dillard's entrance.
More of the Dillard's/ Burlington corridor.
Section two food court. There are several food outlets and a new ULTA store is this section of the mall.
Lots of detail here in the food court, this is the nicest section of the mall. 
Section three, the center section of the mall. Here is the JCPenney entrance.
This store was a Beall-Ladymon and taken over by Stage Stores. 
The middle of the mall is full of shops and kiosks.
A retro late 90's early 2000's Foot Locker on the left.
Section four Bed, Bath and Beyond and Sears.
The play area is in this section of the mall, but not much else. As you can see a former Sam Goody was last here. 
This was formerly a Weiss-Goldring department store.
Looking back towards the rest of the mall. The entrance to Bed Bath and Beyond is to the left.
From the play area to Sears only one store was occupied, a gift shop.
The Sears store keeps earlier hours than the rest of the mall.
This looks like it could have possibly been a Piccadilly Cafeteria. This mall entrance is right next to the Sears entrance.
Looking into the mall from the Sears entrance.
More views of the mall near the Sears entrance.
Another view of the Wellan's which is occupied by Bed, Bath and Beyond. The mall entrance is to the right of this photo.
Looking back into the mall near Stage. 


  1. This is an interesting mall, thanks for the photos. I would consider this mall to be quite a useful mall for me since it has a Sears and a RadioShack, but I'm guessing the RadioShack has closed since the photos were taken. Still, it has a Sears. The Sears facade is quite interesting. The Slinkee's building kind of looks like a JCPenney from the outside. The Meyerland Plaza, former Almeda Mall, and former Northwest Mall JCPenney stores in Houston have the same type of design on their walls.

    The interior of this mall is quite interesting with the varied ceiling designs. The sections of the mall with the latticed ceiling design and the carpet look rather classy IMO. There's something about malls that looks more home-like when they have lower ceilings and carpeting. I mainly see that at smaller town malls. The wooden benches throughout the mall look kind of vintage with their earthtone type coloring.

    1. Thanks for commenting, yes the Radio Shack is gone from the mall. I updated the post with suggestions from Scott, so it is now accurate. The Sears at the mall, which I visited not too long ago is about the size of the Mall of the Mainland location. The store is roughly in the shape of an L and has a very small electronics section.
      The mall has had the same design since the 1986 expansion and they have kept it up really well.

  2. We walked this mall yesterday, and I've been going to it for some time. Let me shed a little more light on things for you.

    The Ulta store is brand new. There was once a full service restaurant there, and a part of the food court, which has been half empty as long as I can remember.

    The mall used to only run from Sears to JCPenney in a single L shape. The 1986 expansion added the vast majority of the mall, including the food court, Mervyn's (closed 2005) and Dillard's. A theater was removed to expand the mall.

    The entrance you mention as Wellan's was actually locally owned Weiss-Goldring, which is now located in the old JCP auto center in the parking lot. Bed, Bath & Beyond moved into their old space. The Wellan's was what is now Slinkee's, and was previously Sam Goody/Stein Mart.

    Its last major renovation was 1986. There have been some cosmetic changes (read: paint) since, but that's all. Most of the storefronts are old ones. This was a very heavy locally oriented mall (Wellan's, Weiss-Goldring, Caplan's Men's Wear, etc.), but most of the local retailers are gone in favor of the national ones now.

    JCPenney is the most modern store in the mall, having been practially rebuilt after Hurricane Gustav in 2008 ripped the roof off the building. The Sears is a small store, and not very well kept. Burlington took out a couple of Mervyn's walls, but the store is still mostly from that time.

    Essentially, this mall is a time warp.
    This mall also previously had K&B/Rite Aid (one of the few mall stores that remained after the RA sale), Rex Audio/Video, two Corn Dog 7's and Piccadilly Cafeteria next to Sears. The Sears wing has always been, for lack of a better term, destitute and empty.

    1. Thanks for helping me get the anchor spots corrected, I have made the changes to my above post. The mall looks very nice and they have taken good care of the interior.
      Where was the K&B located at the mall, was it by the Stage store?
      I was at the mall more recently and noticed the Forever 21 store next to the food court is gone. The rest of the mall looked about the same as it did when I took these photos.
      Thanks again for your comment.

    2. The K&B was where the Shoe Department Encore is now. It was there for years, so I am not sure why they closed it. Another Rite Aid is still open on the north end of MacArthur Drive.

    3. the K&B was located where the Shoe Department Encore is now. Not sure why it was removed.

    4. Most of the mall drug stores were closed to open up locations where a drive thru pharmacy could be built. The pharmacy is where most of these places make their money, so the drive thru is vital to keep locations profitable.

  3. The K&B was where Shoe Dept. Encore is now.

    1. Thanks Scott, it seems like the Shoe Dept. Encore stores are in nearly every small/mid size market mall in Texas and Louisiana now.

  4. I think this mall had a rather large TG & Y store in it during the early years also.

    You should let me know if you ever come to Monroe. I can get you access to something there that you won't see anywhere else.

    1. Thanks jbrockhyde, I keep planning on going down there, but for some reason something keeps happening and I have yet to make it that far into the Northern part of the state. I am really interested in checking out the Northeastern part of the state. I also want to check out the malls in Natchez and Jackson Mississippi one day even though it is technically out of my blog coverage area.

  5. There used to be a store similar to a Kirkland type store. It was in the section going to Dillard's. It had decorations, picture frames, things like that. Do you remember the name of it?