Sunday, September 6, 2015

Circuit City Then and Now (New and updated)

Here is a quick update to a few Circuit City locations covered here on the blog. I have several large new blog posts in the works, so please be patient with me.

Circuit City on I-10 and Market
Academy renovated their store and expanded into the former Circuit City.
An up close view of where the stores were connected.
And now the store is just one big Academy, the only remaining item from the Circuit City days is the painted over road sign.

Circuit City West Oaks while it was still open.
A few months after the store closed.
A couple of years later construction started and the interior of the store was destroyed.
Now a Goody Goody Liquor store has taken up the former Circuit City.


  1. Thanks for the updates about these Circuit City locations. I didn't realize that the West Oaks Mall ex-Circuit City found a new tenant. I've never actually heard of Goody Goody before. It would be ironic if they used the "Goody Got It" slogan that one of Circuit City's music competitors, Sam Goody, used. Anyway, it's interesting to see the West Oaks Mall Sears there in one of those pictures. That certainly is an interesting store itself.

    Anyway, it's good to see some new life at the West Oaks Circuit City. I do remember shopping there back in the day. It looks like they tried to put a new Wireless sign to replace the old appliances sign (presumably). It almost matches, but not quite. Oh well.

    Perhaps one of the more interesting Circuit City conversions is the former Greenspoint Mall Circuit City/Bel Furniture that is now a Goodwill. I know that we both coincidentally visited that store on the same day a little more than a year ago and we both saw the 1983 Sears Proformance double cassette deck that I ended up buying. Even though I had a great find at that thrift, that has been my only visit to that Goodwill so far. It has one of the oddest interior layouts for a Houston area Goodwill store. I believe Goodwill store retained the plug entryway, but I can't remember for sure now.

    Anyway, I thought I would link to the old Circuit City song that they used in their commercials back in the early days of Circuit City's days in Houston. It's certainly an interesting tune with a lot of images of very interesting electronics. It's hard to think of the old "plug" Circuit City era without thinking of the song.

    1. You are right about the entry at the Greenspoint Goodwill. The plug entrance is still there. I think every Circuit City store in the Houston area except for Sugarland has been turned into something else. Thrift shops, Forever 21, Liquor stores, Furniture stores, Best Buy, and Conn's have taken over nearly every former Circuit City. The song is very recognizable and companies today should use catchy and good sounding jingles like this one. Most of the jingles today are completely annoying and cause me to change the channel or station quickly.

  2. Just saw the very first image used in this video I'm curious to know if you gave permission..

    1. Yeah I did see a couple of my photos at the 5:40 mark in the video. It is not surprising, it happens all of the time even some online news articles have used my photos without asking first.