Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Longview Kmart closing sale March 2016

This is the Kmart in Longview, Texas which closed less than 2 weeks after these photos were taken. March 13, 2016 was the last day of operation. This store was among the 30 or so Kmart and Sears stores announced to close in January 2016. In April 2016, 78 more Kmart and Sears stores started going out of business sales with 5 more stores added to the closing list two weeks later. In the fist half of 2016 Louisiana lost 1 Sears in Houma and 2 Kmart stores Pineville & Bossier City. Texas lost 4 Kmart stores in Brownsville, El Paso, Mission, and Sweetwater. This is part one of a three part series which will also feature the Kmart closing sales in Bossier City and Pineville.

Now back to the Longview Kmart.
The remaining items in the store had been sparsely consolidated into about 2/3 of the available space. Sections of the store were barricaded off.

The former electronics department. 

Most of the back of the store was barricaded off and empty. 

The remains of the garden center with fixtures for sale.

More fixtures inside of the store.

As you can see not a lot of non-clothing items left at this point in the sale.

The last of the electronics.
There were still a lot of clothes left in the store.

This was the last part of the back of the store with merchandise.

With the exception of the discount signage, this part of the store looks like it did before the closing sale.
More clothes, with the registers and the Thank you for shopping at Big Kmart sign in the distance.
One last look at the back of the store near the clothes.
The pharmacy 
A few more views of the outside of the store 

Extra user submitted photos from Alexiss Paige. Thank you so much for sharing these with the blog readers.


  1. It’s unfortunate to hear of all the Kmart store closings in the region, but at least the Longview store got a proper funeral here. Thanks for the photos. The store looks like a sea of white without the merchandise with the ceiling, floor, walls, and racks being white. The CD/DVDs look like slow movers even at 30% off, but I guess those are mostly bargain bin type media (at least the CDs) and not new releases.

    I’m glad to see that you were able to get a new recent comments feed on the blog. That should make it a lot easier to keep track of new comments.

    1. I am sure this closing will hurt the region more than many people think. Kmart stores still have a loyal following and some people will drive out of the way to get to one. This store is very close to downtown Longview and the other big box retail options are across town. Even though Longview is a small city, going across town is difficult for many people.

  2. Rumors are forming about a company wide liquidation for K-Mart.


    1. It read that article, I would be a little nervous if I was an employee there as well. The company has closed a bunch of stores over the last few years. Hopefully Sears can keep both businesses open, but it seems like tough decisions will have to be made soon to save the company.

  3. I grew up walking distance from the Kmart. It's really sad that it's gone, not just to me but to my neighborhood. The Nissan dealership across the street of the empty kmart is leaving too so Mccann is looking pretty empty now. I took a few pictures but I regret not taking more so thanks for this.

    I got to buy the fitting room sign. I tried to get the "thanks for shopping at kmart sign" but the manager wouldn't let me. Bummer.

    1. Thanks for your comment. I wonder why they would not sell you that sign. At least the fitting room sign is a cool item to own. I have photos of the Bossier City and Pineville locations that will be added to the blog in the near future so stay tuned. I really hate seeing these stores dissapear and people losing their jobs, but hopefully my articles can bring back good memories of these places.

      If you would like to add your photos of the Kmart to the article, send them to me at southernmalls@gmail.com.
      I will give you full credit or post them anonymously, your choice.

    2. I've heard before that liquidators won't sell signage that contains the store's logos. They probably don't want someone putting up Kmart logos in another store or something like that.

    3. Yeah they wouldn't let me because of the logo. But whatever. It wouldn't be that hard to make it out of foam board. New craft project for me. I have a couple pictures i'm sending now.

      Also want to say that I really love this website. I've been going to a lot of places that you've been and it's really interesting to see how a few years can change a place.

    4. Thank you for your comment. I have been busy lately with so many store closings that I have not visited as many malls as usual. Some of the malls in the Houston area have been renovated in the last few years so some of my posts are outdated. Retail is always changing and there is always something new to post on the blog.