Thursday, June 22, 2017

Mall of the Mainland June 2017 update

Things are happening at the Mall of the Mainland. New businesses are opening up and most of the mall property is under construction or construction is finishing up.

Here is the former mall entrance next to Dillard's which is being converted into a trampoline park.
Here is the website for the park

 The former JCPenney is being converted into a new use. Storage units may be the new tenant for this building.

 The newly created mall entrance which will lead to the center of the mall and the food court area. 
 A wider view of this section of the mall The former Palais Royal has been converted into the Booker T. World Gym Areana. 
 Construction work is proceeding at the other entrance of the mall next to Sears. From what little I could see, it looks like a medical or office use.
 Wait a minute, yes that is the former Sears mall entrance sign. Drywall has been installed in between the mall corridor and Sears so you can no longer look into the mall. 
 But wait, there's more. Yes, the middle of the mall is once again open to the public. 
As you can see, the interior of the mall has been renovated. No more blue and pink with neon lights. New flooring, a new color scheme, and new spaces for businesses.
 Toxic City Comics and Stuttegarden are the first two businesses operating in the renovated space.  
 Here is the newly created corridor that leads to the new entrance at the front of the mall.
 A glass door separates the mall from the cinema now. Code of conduct signs are posted on both doors entering the mall. 
Here is the newly created corridor leading to the new front entrance. 
There are more renderings of the finished project at
Make sure you check out the Texas properties tab to see more about the mall redevelopment. I am happy to see a part of the mall reopened to the public and I hope this redevelopment works. A lot of effort is going into the the redevelopment of the mall to truly redevelop the property as it needed to be.

I will have more photos as this project progresses. Right now so much of the property is under construction.


  1. Wow, I've been to the Mall of the Mainland a few times recently, but I had no idea a small part of the mall had re-opened. This is great, I look forward to visiting the mall part again. I never thought that I'd be able to walk that area again! Thanks for the pictures and news!

    Nice catch with the Sears sign. The Mall of the Mainland Sears may get a boost with the closing of the Baybrook Mall Sears. Anyway, it's good to see some positive developments at a mall we all assumed was completely dead a few years ago. I look forward to any new posts you have about the mall.

    1. I walked up to the new front entrance pictured above, and it was locked. When I looked in the window I saw people walking around inside and could also see the sign to the cinema. I drove around and lo-and-behold, the portion of the mall is reopened. I did wonder what they will do with that Sears sign. It would make a nice collectible.

  2. In some other good news, Richland Mall is getting a Dick's Sporting Goods. It's going to take the space where Forever 21 used to be. Theres a sign on that entrance saying that it's going to be permanently closed soon so it sounds like they're taking that whole wing down next to JCP to fit it in.

    1. That will be good for that side of the mall. It sounds like the mall owners are really trying to keep the mall going steady. With the anticipated growth of the area, Richland Mall should continue to get better.