Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Suncoast Parkdale Mall Beaumont Texas

Here is one of the last remaining Suncoast Motion Picture Company stores located at the Parkdale Mall in Beaumont Texas. There are less than 10 locations left of this very retro store. The interior lighting of the store has been improved even though the neon has been shut off for several years now. The exterior sign as you can tell is mostly functioning though.
The product mix inside of the store has changed tremendously over the years. Movies can still be found, but about half of the store is now dedicated to other products. The product mix is very similar almost to Hastings without the larger products and video games. This store is located right down the mall corridor to 2nd and Charles which is a very similar store to Hastings. The competition may be the reason why the product mix has changed from a focus on movies to the variety that is here now.

The back wall of the store is now dedicated to vinyl music products.
Collectibles have taken over much of the store.
Towards the front of the store more collectibles.

A vast t-shirt wall takes over space that was as of about a year ago movies. 
The other back corner of the store is full of random collectibles and other items.
A vast selection of headphones and portable music devices fills this wall.
Phone cases are also mixed in with the headphones.
Here is the product mix at the checkout area. Few movies and a mix of products. There is also a large candy selection at the very front of the store, not pictured.


  1. Thanks for the photos. It's quite amazing really that this store is still alive especially with local B&M competition, but here it is. The store certainly has that retro late 1980s/early 1990s look with the neon and CRT TVs out front. It's not surprising that they would try to sell records given that it's one of the few media formats with profit margins. I wonder how many people come here to buy headphones though. I guess Suncoast is now one part the Suncoast of old, one part Sam Goody, and one part Spencer's with the t-shirts. Hopefully they will have more success than what Hastings had. It would would be a real shame to lose this retro former mall staple.

    1. It is strange that this store has survived as long as it has. I heard that there were only 6 Suncoast stores left in the US. I am glad that they have kept the store open even with the movies being mostly an after thought now.

  2. I love that they haven't updated their CRT Tvs yet

    1. I hope they never remove them. The last time I saw them working, they were in really bad shape though from being on all of the time.