Monday, January 10, 2011

PlazAmericas Mall Nov & Dec Updates

The Mall Mercado is almost open. These photos are from the first and second floors of the mercado.

Two new restaurants in the food court.

Unknown storefront next to the former Macy's upper level mall entrance; very 1980's.

Finger Furniture slated to become a nightclub in the near future. The lights have been turned back on, so the work may be about to begin.

Clairewood Mercado entrance

Here are the newly revealed store fronts in the Clairewood Mercado wing.


Sears Portrait Studio, this was located in front of the former JCPenney that had a photo studio inside; not an ideal location for this store in the mall. The sign has since been removed.

Could not make out the labelscar here.

Frame-It; the sign has since been removed. Oriental Arts still has the sign up for now.

H&H Music


  1. Did you ever meet the PlazAmericas management?

  2. No we have missed them because we go in the evenings and miss them. One of these days I will make it there.

  3. JE - Please call me next time you are coming! We will meet you any time and would love to give you the full tour of the mall, work in progress, and future plans. Evenings are no problem. Justin S.