Sunday, May 22, 2011

Highland Mall May 21, 2011 Whats next?

Highland Mall is losing the last of the four anchors on May 22nd when the Dillards clearance center shuts down for good. Highland Mall may be nearing the end of its life as a retail center, and many stores have left since our last visit a year ago. The mall still has a few chain stores such as The Finish Line, Hot Topic, Victorias Secret, Gamestop, and Radio Shack but without a department store anchor the mall is in big trouble. Austin Community College has purchased two former department store sites at the mall, so will the development become retail/ school/ housing under one roof? At this point Highland Mall still soldiers on. Leave your comments on some redevelopment ideas.

The truck is waiting to take away the remains of the Dillard's clearance center.

This is the closed off second floor in the soon to be closed Dillards clearance center.

Here is a collection of shots taken on May 21 from the Dillards that will close on May 22. There was a security guard nearby protecting the racks of $4.99 size XL mens clothes that were left so I was unable to get good quality photos in the store.

The mall entrance in between the two former Dillards stores. This is one of the three mall entrances that will be left when the Dillards clearance store closes today. The other two entrances are in the former Macy's wing on the second floor.

The former Dillards womens store has not been covered up and you can see inside just like the Macy's below.

The four story former Dillards womens store looms over the south part of the mall.

The former JCPenney has seen better days.

From the outside of the former Macy's/ Foley's; a Foley's labelscar.

Macy's closed in March of 2011; the windows have not been covered up and you can see right into the store.
The second floor of the closed Macy's.

The first floor of the closed Macy's.

Some shots from inside of the mall; we start with the former JCPenney wing.

The former Macy's wing from several different spots.

The food court; only six restaurants are left.
From the former Dillards women store wing.


  1. Well it looks like the end is near for the mall. ACC has entered into a deal for the rest of the Highland Mall property and JCPenney anchor for redevelopment. According to the article from the Austin Business Journal, tenants will remain until the end of their leases. Here is a link to the article.

  2. i've read conflicting reports about this mall, but it looks this mall is closing.

  3. Austin community college owns the entire property that the mall sits on. They will have some retail/ housing on the perimeter of the property, but the interior of the mall will be turned into various uses for the college. I have an update on tap that will be posted later this month to show the change since my May visit. If any part of the interior mall remains; it will be the food court, but not any retail. The interior of the JCPenney looks to have been cleared out for renovation into offices or classes.

  4. Too bad.I lived in Flatonia from 1974-96 and I visited Highland Mall quite a bit.