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Katy Mills

New photos added 8/22/2011

Katy Mills is the newest enclosed mall in the Houston metro area (opened in 1999). It is one of the largest malls in Houston, and the mall is loaded with many outlet stores as well as traditional mall stores. The mall is located in Katy a suburb 30 miles west from the center of Houston. The mall was built before most of the development in that area and was designed to be a tourist destination. Since the mall opened; the area around the mall has seen significant development. The Mills company was taken over by Simon, but the mall has seen little change since the mall opened. The mall is booming in most areas, but there are a few sections of the mall where spaces have sat empty for a while. Many of the Mills malls were built too big for their trade area which has led to these areas of empty space in several of the Mills malls including Katy. Katy Mills does not have any traditional anchors for the center and has mostly discount or big box anchors. The anchors are Outdoor World, Marshalls, Neiman Marcus Clearance, Saks off 5th Clearance, Books A Million, AMC 20, Bed Bath and Beyond, Burlington, Sun and Ski Sports, and Old Navy. Steve and Barry's and Circuit City were anchors that have since closed.

The AMC 20 anchor

Steve and Barry's Labelscar

A Circuit City "The City" location that lasted only a year.

Some night shots of the exterior of the mall.

The mall maps

The food court is the size of a football field, but currently only a handful of restaurants are open.

The FYE was one of the largest I have been to and opened under a different name. This whole section of the mall was themed for entertainment but only an arcade and cinema are left. There were several entertainment businesses in this section of the mall when it opened.

Even though the sign says FYE games; this arcade is now operated by Tilt.

The wing of the movie theater is covered in rotating pattern neon lighting; at night it looks really cool.

Another entrance

This anchor was most recently a Steve and Barrys

A few of the different designs found in the mall on the backside of the mall near Bed Bath and Beyond.

Sun & Ski Sports anchor

Burlington Coat Anchor

Outdoor world anchor

More of the designs near the Bed Bath and Beyond anchor.

This is the kind of photo that dead malls will put up over a closed store, Katy Mills is very much alive though. We are back in the entertainment section of the mall here.

More designs; this is leading towards the Rainforest Cafe.

This is the wing between Outdoor World and Sun & Ski Sports.

More from the Outdoor World Wing.

Just past the Outdoor World Wing; this is the fashion wing with most designer labels located here.

Books a Million anchor

Just past the food court where most of the designer shoe stores are.

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  1. It looks like a Ross Dress for Less will open at Katy Mills in April 2014. Also, Which Way Pizza, Segway, and a Jumpstreet indoor trampoline park will open up in the fall. Also, here is a video for the Katy Mills Mall from when the mall opened. It may be a generic Mills commercial, but I don't know. IMO, I find this mall to be an odd, but not particularly interesting mall. But, hey, at least they'll have Ross. It's a bit of a shame that Homart/Sears did not build a mall in the Katy Grand Parkway area as was rumored back in the 1980s because I think that they would have built a more solid (albeit more traditional) mall. We'll see though. Further construction of the Grand Parkway may give this mall a boost.

    1. Katy Mills is still doing well and the place is usually packed on weekends. The edges of the mall near the AMC and the Outdoor World have some empty space. The Ross is probably going into the former Steve and Barrys and the trampoline park probably near the AMC. That leaves the pizza place, I have no clue where that is going in at. The Grand Parkway is opening soon from 290 to I-10 so that should help. Katy Mills shares some outlet stores with the Premium Outlets on 290. The Grand Parkway will open right by both of these centers but I think Katy Mills has two advantages. One advantage is more nearby population and two the larger mall is indoors.

  2. The Ross opening may not be exciting news for Katy Mills, but the recent news of H&M coming to Katy Mills will probably generate a lot of interest. I don't know if this opening will generate the buzz that was around when H&M opened at the Baybrook and Willowbrook Malls, but it should be big news. I can't say that this news will make me any more interested in visiting the mall than the Ross news did, but I'm sure some in the Katy area will be excited about this.

    1. H & M has been a highly sought after retailer recently. I am not familiar with the stores yet. Do you know if the construction of the new Nordstrom has begun yet?

  3. H&M is a clothing chain from Sweden that has had stores in the US for some time, but they did not have stores here in Houston until recently. Many fashionistas were upset that we did not have an H&M store and then were very excited when they opened at Baybrook and Willowbrook Malls. H&M is considered to have affordable fashion, but I had a friend from Milan, Italy who followed the fashion industry in Milan closely and she scoffed at the idea that H&M was fashionable. She considered H&M to be nothing more than a European version of Old Navy and considered clothes from her beloved Almeda Mall to be more fashionable. Nevertheless, fashion is relative I guess and if people here find H&M stuff to be fashionable, then I guess it is here even if it isn't all that fashionable by international standards.

    As for a Nordstrom construction update, I guess it depends on which location you are talking about. I don't know what is going on with the Baybrook Mall and Memorial City Mall area Nordstrom Rack stores. I had an update link posted recently on The Woodlands Mall Sears closing part 3 post about The Woodlands Mall Nordstrom. As for the Willowbrook Mall Rack location, it's interesting that you ask that today because I went to the Willowbrook Sears last night. I didn't get a good look at the former Joske's anchor pad since it was dark, but I did see that the area was fenced off and it looked like some work was started (though I can't say that with 100% accuracy). I'll try to get a better assessment of things on my next visit to the mall, but I can't really say when that will be.

    1. A company waiting to put a location in Houston, sounds familiar. I guess better late than never. I was looking to find out about the Willowbrook location, I had forgotten about the other stores. I am struggling to find the time to read up on recent retail news, the Mall of the Mainland article took a bunch of time to organize and post, lol.