Thursday, November 15, 2012

Valley View Center Mall Dallas Texas

Welcome to Valley View Center Mall in Dallas Texas. This mall has been in business since 1973 and has been expanded several times over the years. This mall is located a short distance away from the Dallas Galleria and has struggled in recent years to compete. The property is currently slated for a complete redevelopment that will probably result in a demolition of the mall (Click here)The AMC, Sears, and JCPenney will stay as part of the new development which will transform the property over a "20-year timeline". Several stores are still open inside of the mall despite the loss of two anchors, but not many chain stores remain. 

AMC was built in the early 2000's to help increase traffic to the mall. 
Sears was built before the mall in the middle 1960's.
Former Sanger-Harris later Foley's and closed in 2008 just after changing over to the Macy's name. There are a few of these stores still standing with the design intact. 

Dillard's closed in 2008 shortly after the Macy's closed. 
Dillard's labelscar. 
Here is the mall map to show the layout of the three level mall. Only the AMC theater is located on the third floor. 
Outside of the elevator this fire exit map still shows Foley's and Dillard's. 
Here is the food court of the mall located on the first level. Sears is not accessible from the first level of the mall, but an elevator is located in the food court to take you up to the Sears wing. The food court is nearly full and is probably helped out by the AMC theater just upstairs from the food court. 

Located in the food court, these carousels are slowly disappearing from malls. 

Some looks at the second floor of the mall in the center court. 
The JCPenney wing has several artist creations inside of some closed retail stores. 

The mall has retail on floors one and two and an AMC theater on the third level.

Here is the small third level which contains the AMC theater. 

Back to the center court on the second floor looking towards where Sanger-Harris/ Foley's, Macy's was located. 
A small stage is set up in the center court for events. 
One of the main entrances to the mall. 
Here are some signs that are in several places throughout the mall listing the events that will be going on. 
The other main entrance to the mall. 
Update- This was the Bear Rock Cafe that opened in 2003, but I don't know when int closed. 

The Sears corridor is the busiest and has several chain stores.

The JCPenney corridor has several stores being used by artists.

A small carousel and the large carousel in the background. 
The second floor of the JCPenney entrance is closed off to the mall. The first level entrance is still open.

Here is the former Dillard's corridor. The second floor has been sealed off but the storefronts are visible from the first level.
Look on the second floor and you can see where the mall was sealed off near the former Dillard's. 

The former Dillard's entrances.

Looking towards the former Dillard's corridor from near the food court. 

The second floor of the former Dillard's anchor is sealed off just past the escalators, the first floor is still open.

This section of the mall is similar to the former Dillard's woman store corridor in Highland Mall in Austin.

This was the entrance to the former Sanger-Harris/ Foley's/ Macy's store. The storefront to the right was recently a Steve and Barry's and has many fixtures from Steve and Barry's still in place. 
Here is the first level in the former Sanger-Harris/ Foley's/ Macy's corridor. 

I am not sure what this used to be, but the neon is old school.
Valley View has a small El Mercado which looks to have been recently opened. Only a few businesses were open and the second floor which has an elevator and escalator to has not been completed. The style of the Mercado is similar to the PlazAmericas Mall in Houston. It looks like the development of the Mercado may have been stopped with the change of ownership of the mall. 

More Dallas/ Fort Worth area malls to come, but it may take a few weeks. 


  1. Very nice! check out some not-so-dead but possible dead soon Kmart photos, including our latest post:

  2. Valley View was in a slow decline since the Galleria opened, but it kind of went over the edge when Macy's and Dillard's closed within two months of each other. Stores that I can readily think of that have left but do well elsewhere since then include Hot Topic, Claire's, Forever 21, and Victoria's secret. And JCPenney closed last year, and Bath And Body Works (usually the last small chain out of any mall) closed this year. Sears is still there, the food court seems to be doing okay, and of course the AMC is holding up the joint, but it's more art galleries than retail now, as well as some facility rentals (there's usually a quinceanera going on every Saturday off the non-anchor wing between Sears and the former Dillard's. The Mercado where Steve And Barry's used to be is filled out on the first floor, while the second floor of the same place is now an indoor soccer facility.

    1. Thanks for the update on the mall. I read that the JCPenney had closed off the second floor, but I thought they would keep the store open. It looks like the malls days are numbered, but many malls stay open for years like Valley View. Here in the Houston area we have a mall (Northwest) that is around 50% occupied and did not have any major anchors for over 4 years. The only major anchor store now is an Antique store that took over the first floor of a former JCPenney.There are a few other malls that have survived losses of major anchors and even one (West Oaks) that is turning around and gaining new stores and entertainment options. One of these days I will stop by and check out this mall again.