Friday, November 23, 2012

Mervyn's Ingram Park

Happy day after Thanksgiving. Here is a short post until I finish the remaining Dallas/ Fort Worth mall posts.  
Here is the former Mervyn's near Ingram Park Mall in the Northwest San Antonio metro area. This store lasted until the end of Mervyn's in Texas and was similar to the Mervyn's that was in Pasadena Texas. 
The Mervyn's was a typical 1980's style like nearly every Mervyn's that was in Texas and Louisiana. There were a few Mervyn's that opened in the 1990's in Texas with a different design. 
A peek through the windows shows some fixtures still left in the store. 
Coming soon more new malls from Dallas/ Fort Worth and San Antonio.

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  1. Now it's a Sears outlet. Mervins is missed.