Saturday, September 30, 2017

RIP Parkdale Macy's Beaumont Texas

Here is a nice newer former Foleys store that closed in March of 2017. The store was formerly a Montgomery Ward that was extensively remodeled to become a Foleys store which opened in August 2002. The store had a second level that had been closed to the public not long after Macys took the store over. 

The mall entrance to the store. The neighboring Ashley Furniture is also leaving the mall for a different space.

Looking at how nice this store was designed, it is hard to imagine how this store did not perform up to company standards. It did not even last 15 years, in a nearly full mall. The mall is in the main shopping district of town and doing well, why did this store not succeed? 
I had only visited this store maybe 5 times while it was open before and after the second floor was closed off. It was a typical Foley's and Macy's store nothing special about it. 

This is like a creepy version of build a bear workshops, build your own mannequin.

There were a ton of fixtures available at this store. I guess the closed off second floor became a dumping ground for old fixtures. 

It was hard to get a shot of the closed off second floor, so here is the best I could do. 

This was just too funny, a couple of mannequins looking like they are talking about something.

A view of the front cosmetics and jewelry areas at the mall entrance.


  1. Thanks for the photos, it's always interesting to see a former Montgomery Ward store. Unfortunately, this one's second life as a Foley's/Macy's did not last all that long. I suppose it's not unprecedented for a relatively new Foley's/Macy's to not survive. The same fate was true with the Mall of the Mainland Macy's, but Parkdale Mall is probably in much better shape than Mall of the Mainland was when the Macy's closed. I suppose the demographics of Beaumont just didn't work for Macy's, but that's just a guess.

    This store seemed to be in better condition than some of the other local Macy's that have closed recently, but perhaps that's expected given the relatively young age of the store. Was this store well organized before the liquidation or was it a bit of a mess like the Almeda Mall Macy's?

    The "Build a Mannequin" thing is funny! I wonder if anyone brought random mannequin parts during the liquidation. Perhaps someone just brought legs or arms or something!

    1. This store was well organized before the closing sale, it just did not have the selection of other Macy's stores like we have here in Houston. The Dillards at Parkdale is much nicer and stocked than this store was. It seemed like Macy's did not give this store much attention once they closed the Lake Charles location a few years ago.

      The Greenspoint Mall Macy's had tons of mannequins and parts for sale also. I wish they would have let shoppers venture into the closed off second levels of these stores to see them one last time.