Sunday, November 5, 2017

Sears Lufkin Mall, Lufkin Texas RIP January 2018

Here we are at the Lufkin Sears which is on the most recent store closure list, which will see 63 total stores closed in Jan 2018. This is the smallest Sears store I have been to with all of the departments that a major Sears store has. Not pictured is the home and mattress department. These photos are from earlier in 2017 and may be updated before the store closes. 

This Sears normally closed an hour before the mall did even on this Saturday night. 
The former electronics department was filled with odds and ends. A small selection of electronics still remained, but was later moved a few feet over into the Men's department.

As you can see that sign probably fell off the wall and was just left there behind the vacuums.

The selection of tools, appliances, and lawn equipment filled about 50% of the store space.

This store has an attached auto center and a few aisle of automotive items.
These are a good idea, but I hardly see anyone using them at Sears or Kmart. Missing a chair probably doesn't help this one to attract attention. 

Shoes and Mensware

A look at the rest of the store with Womensware and Children's clothing further down. The mall entrance is to the far left.

These were taken a few weeks later after the electronics were moved to the Men's department. 

More appliances filled the former electronics department a few weeks later as well.


  1. It is sad to hear about another Sears closing, but thanks for the pictures. This closure is especially difficult since Lufkin just lost their Kmart as well. Lufkin went from being in a rare position (for Texas at least) of having both a Kmart and a Sears to having neither. Sadly, the Kmart in Texarkana and the Sears in San Angelo will also be closing. Another couple of Sears will be closing in Arkansas. We’re already losing the Baybrook Mall, former Westwood Mall, and Midtown Sears stores in Houston.

    Lufkin still has a Wal-Mart, a Target, and a JCPenney as far as I know. Thus, the loss of Sears and Kmart may not create a large retail hole in the town, but it is a big loss. The mall will probably have a hard time recovering from Sears’ departure as I’m not sure if there’s huge demand for that anchor pad now. I certainly could be wrong about that though.

    The electronics department at the Lufkin Sears is similar to the current state of the Mall of the Mainland Sears. The rest of the store looks somewhat similar to the Mall of the Mainland Sears, but I think the departments are a little larger in the Lufkin store.

    1. I had a feeling this Sears store would be going sooner rather than later. Each time I visited the Kmart, I also visited the mall and Sears. The Sears was always mostly empty despite good mall traffic. Lufkin has a good selection of big box stores as well and Belk. TJ Maxx opened in the mall a few years ago and there is also a recently updated Stage anchor.

      There is a small Sears Hometown store in nearby Nacogdoches so there will still be a presence in the area.

      The Lufkin Sears is a tiny store. It is probably only 30,000 square feet with the auto center included. The inventory was very light in nearly every department.

      I will try to make a pass by this store sometime before it closes.

  2. Lufkin has always been a retail time warp. It was one of the first Texas towns to have Howard's. It was the only NE Texas town outside Dallas and Houston to have a Woolco. Walmart has had 3 locations, with the first becoming the first Sam's. The HEB was originally Albertsons. The flagship Brookshire Brothers was Safeway, then Apple Tree. All that to say that nothing really lasts here...

    The Sears closure means folks have to go to Houston, Longview or Tyler for their nearest store now. I don't think Longview will be next, but Tyler is a smaller store than Longview, and the mall area is in flux with the recent loss of Macy's across the street.

    The Lufkin Mall has always been a lower tier mall due to its size. Lufkin is only around 30,000 folks, which is really not enough to support this, except that they draw from a pretty good distance (almost to the Louisiana state line to the east) with a good number of folks in the woods.

    1. I did not know about several of those companies having a presence in that area at one time. I was just recently in Lufkin for the first time in over 6 months. It was terrible seeing the empty Kmart for the first time.

      Tyler has a lot of retail growth away from the mall area that is pulling shoppers away. The Sears at Broadway Square has an interesting layout. I wonder how JCPenney has hurt sales by selling appliances there.

      For all of the years I have gone to Lufkin Mall, there has always been a section of the mall struggling. Right now the area near JCPenney except for the TJ Maxx and near Sears have a few vacancies. I also noticed AMC put their stamp on the movie theater. Lufkin Mall has probably been more successful than the nearby University Mall for its entire existence.

    2. Don’t forget about the relatively short-lived Randall’s in Lufkin that was next to the now ex-Kmart. Here’s some interesting videographic proof of the existence of that store.

    3. Thanks for sending the Randalls videos over. I had never seen the so-low video.

    4. Didn't Conn's or someone else move into at least part of the Randall's store?

    5. Yes Scott Greer, the Randalls has been filled up with tenants. Conns, Burkes Outlet, and DD's fashions has filled the former grocery spot. The old Kmart is still completely vacant.

  3. It appears that the Lufkin Mall JcP will not be closing after all.

    Here is a news article about it.

    It no longer shows up on the store closing list and I think the one in Shreveport has been removed too.

    1. That is really good news for Lufkin and Shreveport. Lufkin especially since Stage is closing as well. Thank you for sending the info over Phudman!