Saturday, December 19, 2009

A new name for the Sharpstown Mall

Click on the post title for a Houston Chronicle story that bring more information to what is happening at Sharpstown Mall or should I say PlazAmericas. On my last visit they had activity going on inside of the old JCPenney and the article announces the plans for that space. Read the article for more information; this plan sounds like a good fit for the property. I have material and photos that I will introduce in early 2010 including New Orleans retail of the past and an update on Northwest Mall in Houston.


  1. I think Gulfgate and Northline are the best models for how to rehabilitate Sharpstown and I see that eventually happening. You could keep the department store buildings and the office tower but demolish the rest and put in new buildings that can be accessed by car. (Notice that I'm not saying "Lifestyle Center")

    You can still cater to local merchants and have a "mercado" theme, but you've got to have some national merchants to make it work.

    If the area surrounding Sharpstown was strong and the mall just needed to be reworked to make it fit, then I could see keeping the old format. But that's not the case here.

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