Thursday, February 25, 2010

Greenspoint Sears going dark

Photos taken 2/25/2010

Here is a photo from inside of the hardware/ fitness department.

The store is now closing at 7pm, so this part of the mall was virtually empty tonight.

Here are some photos of the store taken in 2009.

According to several sources including the Sears website; the Sears at Greenspoint Mall will be closing by May 9, 2010. The closing will be a serious blow to the mall. The mall entrance to this Sears store has red tiles from the old Sears colors. For more information and sources go to


  1. Greenspoint Mall is a 40-year-old “has been” mall that is now a serious hazard to your health and property. The mall will claim they have a lower crime rate than the local area. What they won’t tell you is that the Greenspoint district has the highest property crime rate in the city. Break-ins and car thefts in the parking lot are regular occurrences. The mall will even mark your car as an easy target with a bright orange “report card’ on your windshield. Panhandlers and solicitors are numerous and aggressive. Must be because of the homeless shelter across the street on Greens Road.

    Inside the mall the danger to customers gets more serious. At least one gang, the Bloods, claim it for their territory. There are other groups that dispute that claim. You can spot the gang-bangers by their droopy pants; the colors black and white; or the color red.
    Fights between large groups of teenagers, often with weapons like baseball bats, are common. The basketball court at Fitness Connection should be called the “combat zone.” The violence and thefts get a lot worse in the summer when school’s out. Weekends get pretty wild too. The safest time of day to shop is between 10 in the morning and just after lunch. A concealed carry permit is highly recommended.

    HPD support is almost non-existent despite the sub-station located there. Any businessman can tell you the quickest way to make HPD officers disappear is give them something for free. They will totally ignore you just to show that they are not being “bribed” to provide extra protection. The same applies to the PD and the SO who enjoy free rent and return minimal support to the mall. Constables working extra jobs and security guards working for the mall do the only real police work. However, they are held back by management concerns about “customer service.” Translation: Don’t piss off the teenage gang-bangers or their parents.

    The tile floors inside the mall are what really threaten your health. They get slippery as ice with any type of moisture on them. That is all the time as the roof has more leaks than grandma’s spaghetti strainer. Wet floor signs and drip buckets by the hundreds appear after the mildest rain. An average of one customer a week is hurt from falling on those tile floors. Heavy rains combined with clogged drains on the roof have the potential to cause a complete structural collapse.

    Anchor stores have dropped to just two: Dullards and Macy’s. Dullards is just a clearance center open six days a week. Rumors are flying it may close down completely if things don’t pick up. The jewelry kiosks should be approached with caution. There are frequent complaints about fake merchandise and no refunds for any reason. They do great dental work though. The dollar store – it isn’t. But, the mall is a great place to buy shoes. Just don’t get trampled when the stores have one of their frequent Jordan shoe releases. The Food Court is another health hazard. It’s hard to say which is worse: China Pantry’s raw chicken or Soborros 8-hour old “heat and eat” high cholesterol menu. You’d also think that the orientals who run Cajun Grill could at least cook good rice. Their favoriate ingredient is obviously Uncle Ben’s instant. Calling the rest of their menu “Cajun” is only being kind. Even Luna’s food is mostly prepared off-site and brought in for final assembly. They do have a great bar with an outside patio. You can enjoy your margarita while you watch the dope deals go down in the parking lot. The only two bright spots are Brother’s Pizza and City Deli.

    The mall’s owners are the same folks who thought Pasadena Town Square, San Jacinto Mall and Mall of the Mainland were good investments. They still look to the glory days when rich folks from the Woodlands shopped at Greenspoint. Those days are long gone.

  2. I have not heard of many Sears closing, but I have saw a lot of Kmarts closed. One Huge Sears department store by my house is always Dead with only like five cars(at most) in their parking lot. A Sears farther away was recently remodeled and its business has picked up drastically. Is Sears Going to a Red and White color scheme? I have recently got ads from sears that are all red and white.

  3. Sears usually stays in malls unless the situation is dire. Greenspoint must have declined to a dire situation and Sears had to close this location. Most of the wing was walled off right after Sears closed and only one store is open on the small part that is still left next to the food court.

  4. Was that the only photo you took of inside the Sears? That is the only one I have been able to find on the internet.

    1. Sadly I believe it was. Back then I was using a terrible phone to take interior photos, so a lot of what I took was too blurry to use.