Saturday, February 12, 2011

Houston Center Dec 2010

A large portion of the second level is being renovated into a medical clinic (right side). While this is good towards leasing unused space; this shows that the days of this center being a retail center are nearing an end. Only around ten actual retail stores are still here as this center has transitioned into a mostly food and service oriented center.

This is one area of the second floor with seats for meetings and there is a restaurant to the right. The first floor (not pictured) has a huge food court with over 20 restaurants. There is also another small food court on the opposite side of the second floor. Also of note there are two Starbucks in the mall on opposite ends of the mall on the first and second floor if you need a coffee fix.

Waldenbooks closed here last year, so to find a book you need to go a few blocks over to the Houston Pavilions Books A Million store.

Here is the most recent directory.

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