Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Macy's downtown Houston closing sale part 2

Part two of the Macy's downtown Houston closing sale. Here are photos from my last visit to the store 3 days before the store closed. Several people were taking photos inside of the store. A couple more views of the first level cosmetics and men's store. The jewelry section on the first level. The Men's cologne section on the first level. Well, this was the best I could do with my camera to get a picture of the escalators. Maybe someone out there has a better view that I could get. Here are a few more photos for sale that I found, the first one is another view of the new Memorial City Foley's. The second two are of the regional map of Foley's stores from probably the early 2000's. Now the former Foley's at Sharpstown Mall, Mall of the Mainland TX City, Prien Lake Mall Lake Charles, and Downtown Houston are gone. Speaking of Mall of the Mainland I am working on an article for this mall and I am looking for photos from 1991- present, stories, and comments about the mall to add to the mega-article that I will post in the future. I have many new articles on the way from Lafayette LA, Austin TX, and Houston TX. Stay tuned and keep the comments coming, I appreciate all of the feedback and information.

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