Friday, December 4, 2020

Sears CDMX 11 stories! March 2019

So here we are at a very awesome blast from the past. I have been dealing with major writers block. Also the fact that I did a terrible job of organizing the photos from this store has frustrated me the past few times I sat down to finish this article. Enough about that, here is the long-awaited Mexico City Sears.

This Sears located in the historic Mexico City center. Located just down the street from the National Palace and across the street from the Palacio de Bellas Artes (Palace of beautiful art museum) This store is 11 floors tall with a level 12 crown. The crown level is not open to the public, but the rest of the store is. The lower 2 levels which are listed as Piso baja and Mezzanine are slightly above and below the street level. The Mezzanine is connected by the escalators to the rest of the store. The Piso baja is connected by stairs to the Mezzanine level. The store entrance is on the Mezzanine level, but there is a set of stairs to climb to enter the store. The ceilings throughout the store are very low in comparison to modern day department stores. There are some parts of the store where there is actually caution tape to keep you from bumping your head on a low ceiling. With parts of the store being opened up for more floor space, these structural posts would probably cost a fortune to remove.

The crowd was not there to shop at Sears unfortunately, we showed up when a protest was about to pass through the area. 
  Even with the street blocked off, customers were still shopping.

The store with the Torre Latino Americana in the background. The observation levels of that tower are worth checking out. There is also a Sanborns Cafe on the street level of the store that is front and center in this photo.

As we enter the store, we are greeted with this display.
This is the floor you walk up stairs to enter and the floor splits to a lower floor, almost like a basement.

A Sears credit card machine. 

Here is the lower floor. Jewelry, watches, and more.

We are now on the 3rd floor. Ladies wear and shoes.

Here is the store directory. I will do my best to remember each floor in the photos, but the store is huge. To the right of this photo you can see the caution tape to bring attention to the low ceiling on the right side of this photo. 

It is difficult to see all of the way up and down on the escalators, they just keep going.

4th Floor, juniors and fashionware.

The Men's department also starts in a back room on this floor. 

5th floor Men's clothes, shoes, suits, and the kids department.

Floor 6 Infants, sporting goods, motorbikes.

A look at the escalator system about halfway up inside of the store.

The sporting goods department is where Men's and Women's athletic shoes are located.

If you didn't bring enough cash or need to check your funds, there is another ATM available on this level.

Commemorative footballs from the Raiders vs. Patriots NFL game that was played in Mexico City on November 19, 2017. The Patriots won 33-8.

Always a cool thing to see inside of the Sears Mexico locations, motorbikes!

Floor 7 Electronics, toys, video games, music, movies, and the candy counter. By far my favorite floor in the store.

Toys and candy.

As with most Sears locations in Mexico City, the video game department has a dedicated room.


The television area is somewhat cramped. The large modern televisions are difficult to display in this store with low ceilings.

A look at the escalator system again from the 7th level.

A look at the music and movie department as we head up to the next floor.

Floor 8 Housewares and custom home arraignments. 

A look at the staircase that is located next to the elevators.

Some examples of the custom home setups that Sears will build for you.

Water heaters, baths

Back to the housewares.

Luggage is also on the 8th floor.

Washers, driers, refrigerators. We are still on the 8th floor.

Now we are entering the 9th floor. Furniture and more home decor.

Here is the view from the window of the 9th floor. It is pretty awesome that you can sit on a couch in Sears and see this. This is the Palacio de bellas artes. 

Here is the mattress department, still on the 9th floor.

Here is the 10th floor. Pier 1 Imports, more home goods, and the Cafeteria Don Porfirio. The cafeteria takes up a lot of space so there is not much in the way of products on this level.

The cafeteria entrance,

We have finally made it to the top floor. This floor has a lot of different departments and employees were in the process of taking down or putting up some seasonal displays. The cafe with patio, customer services, and Opticalux were also on this floor. More departments including tools, automotive, and lawn and garden are packed up here as well.

Tools. Despite the small size of this department, they are much more well stocked here than a Sears here in the USA in 2020.

Automotive and tires.

Lawn and Garden

Seasonal displays in the process of changing over. With the Spring season going into Summer on our visit.

Once again, this small area is better stocked than we will find at Sears in 2020.

Garden department in the process of changing over to Spring/Summer.

Optica Lux, a popular eyeglass store and the greeting card/party department.

More areas of the store under transition.

Customer service counter.

Technical support counter. Just to the left of this department is the hallway to the restrooms. Just so you know, it costs 5 pesos to use the restroom here.

Another directory shot.

A photo of the elevator hallway with the tool department in view.

With 11 floors, I had to get a photo of the elevator buttons. Piso bajo and 10 more floors!

One last look as we head to our next destination.

More to come, stay tuned.


  1. Wow, it's really awesome to see this place. I know that I've been to a couple department stores in other countries where each department has it's own floor, but I think this is even more impressive than that. The escalator complex looks very fancy. It's fancier than what is seen at some multi-level malls.

    I wonder if the US Sears would ever consider themselves to be fashionistas, lol. I think that would have been a stretch even during the 'Come See the Softer Side of Sears' days, but I think Sears Mexico can probably pull it off. Although the ceilings look quite low, many of them have some interesting designs and it's nice that they can be seen from the outside windows. The downtown Houston Foley's didn't really have windows like that and it just wasn't nearly as impressive looking from the outside as this store.

    I like that Sears Mexico actually has displays for custom kitchens and such. I've long felt that US Sears stores should do that to fill up some of their empty spaces, but I'm guessing that's not going to happen.

    It's kind of funny seeing the tools. Yeah, they certainly have a lot more than what US Sears have these days. I wonder where Sears Mexico gets their inventory from now that Sears US is basically done. Will they get the Stanley Craftsman stuff or will they have to use other sources? I suppose we'll find out soon enough if you're able to visit some Sears Mexico stores in the future.

    The mannequins with the gold color are rather hilarious. They look like C-3PO from Star Wars, lol.

    The store and the area around it looks very interesting, busy, and bustling with activity. I'm glad you were able to capture it. Something like an 11-story Sears which is fully utilized here in modern times almost seems unbelievable. It's a shame Lampert could not model US Sears stores like this. Of course, these Sears Mexico stores are even nicer, IMO, than modern Macy's and such while having a lot more variety.

    1. This Sears is one of the coolest and most unique stores I have been to in quite some time. I didn't see exactly where the large ticket items are picked up at, but I would imagine there is a parking garage attached to the building somewhere that I missed.

      This Sears does have nearby competition just past the Torre Latinoamericano. H&M, Forever 21, and numerous other retailers are just down Ave. 5 de Mayo.
      I barely scratched the surface of what is all down there, but there is a ton to see.

      I should have looked closer at the tool department to see where their tools are being made. When I visited these stores, I had no idea that in less than 2 years Sears would be closing up their last store in our area.