Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Northgate Mall Lafayette La. 2013

Northgate Mall has endured more changes since our last visit. The last original tenant Hallmark Jewelers closed along with GNC and a few other stores. Albertsons and Transcom also closed in early 2012 leaving two anchors empty. Part of the former Service Merchandise/ Transcom has been filled by Planet Fitness which will bring more traffic to the mall. Stage is the main anchor now at the mall and The Home Depot which is not attached to the mall is the other major anchor. A few new shops have opened in the mall, but the mall needs to fill the Albertsons which is facing the NE Evangeline Thruway (US 167). Lafayette is a growing city with a good economy, so now would be a good time to make the most out of this property.


The former Service Merchandise anchor that housed the offices of Transcom which closed in early 2012. Planet Fitness has taken over some of the space which helps the mall property.

As of early 2013 the retro mall directory is still being used.

The East end of the mall features a few stores with a Stage Department store and a new Planet Fitness both of which only have exterior entrances.


The center portion of the mall contains the majority of the stores and the junior anchor Anna's Linens.

Here are some views of the West side of the mall. Albertsons, JCPenney, and Montgomery Ward were located on this end of the mall. The JCPenney entrance that was bricked over is the first image.

As a bonus, here is the view from the entrance doors to the former Albertsons that closed in early 2012.


  1. Was the AC turned on? Last summer I went in and it felt like the AC was only running in the central area with most of the stores. Also, did Stage reopen mall access? My last visit, stage closed itself off from the mall.

  2. It was a cool day when I went so I am not sure if the A/C is still an issue. Stage is still closed off to the mall; there was a small sign posted about using the front entrance. The mall was very clean on my visit and there were some new stores.

  3. Little tidbit: JCPenny closed and relocated to Acadiana in 1991. I'd be willing to bet that was domino #1 in the demise of Northgate.

    Acadiana is my mall (since I work there) but northgate has the location if not the size... Blows my mind it can't draw more retail.


  5. I stopped by just a few days ago just to see what had become of this mall. Back in the late 70's this was the place to shop for residents who lived north of Lafayette. Then, there stores like K&B (where Anna's Linens are now), Kay-Bee Toys, JC Penny, and an arcade filled with video games. Now, it's mostly vacant stores with some pithy of business mostly geared to the black residents who live near and around the area. It's going to take more than a few new tenants to bring that place back to its former glory...

  6. I went there not long ago. Entered near the Hi Style entrance. Stage is still not accessible from the mall. Hi Style has closed, but I'm not sure about any other stores. I remember growing up through the 90s and going there often as a small kid and have fond memories of the place. (of course at that age, I loved Kay-Bee Toys! lol) Home Sweet Home seems to be one of the only stores that has (suprisingly) remained from back then. It's almost surreal that most stores, and even the mall itself, look exactly the same as they did 20 years ago. I remember TG&Y, Aladdin's Castle, a few jewelry stores (display cases of which are still there), music stores, Rave, and Golf Shop. My old PE teacher used to work there. It was located across from where Stage is. I also remember another store located next to it, I don't remember the name but I remember it had wooden floors (weird memory, I guess) But I do have fond memories of shopping at this mall and Service Merchandise and Montgomery Ward. I wish it would regain its glory, but I think it's gone now. There is talk that the old Albertson's will become a new charter school