Monday, July 1, 2013

Highland Mall 2013 Update

Here we are again at Highland Mall in 2013. Highland Mall continues to operate with several businesses still operating and the food court is doing good with some new restaurants. The redevelopment of the property has begun with the Dillard's Woman's store under renovation. The mall seems to be holding on, but not many chain stores are left here. Some of the new tenants will go well with the redevelopment plan such as a boxing/ fitness space near the entrance of the former Dillard's Woman's store.
Here is my idea/ opinion on what could be done with the remaining mall stores. The retail options should be consolidated into one wing preferably in the former Macy's corridor. Both sides of that corridor have entrances on the second floor which is where the food court is located. The rest of the mall should be used for the college. The former Macy's could partially be used for a discount department store such as Burlington and that would keep the retail component of the mall with constant customer traffic. A small renovation of the remaining mall should also help to bring more people to the mall.    

Here is the former Dillard's Men's store/ clearance center that closed in 2011. 
The former JCPenney is slated for renovation and redevelopment in 2014. The JCPenney store closed in 2006. 
Dillard's Woman's store closed in 2011. The space is under renovation for part of the Austin Community College redevelopment. 
Here are some views of the former Dillard's Woman's store corridor of the mall. Several stores have left the second level, but some stores have opened on the first level. 
Here are some views from the former Macy's corridor. Many stores have left this section of the mall since 2011. 
The fountains in the mall are still operating as normal despite no stores in this section of the mall. 
Here are some views from the former JCPenney corridor. The Kids Foot Locker on the first level is the only Foot Locker left in the mall. The mall had Foot Locker, Lady Foot Locker, and Kids Foot Locker just a few years ago. Champs Sports is still tucked away in the bottom corner near the former JCPenney.  
Gamestop is gone, but GNC remains. 
The food court and center court area of the mall. Some new restaurants have opened in the past few years to replace ones that left.  

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  1. In general, part of the problem with "consolidating" all retails stores is the company's expense to renovate / build into a new spot. If they're already losing money or barely breaking even, companies won't be willing to pay tens of thousands of dollars to relocate on the hope of renewed financial success. I think this is why so many chain stores stay "stuck" in poor locations until they can escape their leases, particularly in dying malls. The mall doesn't pay for remodels of individual stores...